Shibuichi Ring

The Damas Shibuichi ring. Shibuichi is a Japanese alloy of silver with copper, in various quantities. it gives with the right patina, deep hues from green to blue, grey, to black. In this case, the patina is pretty dark, not to say black. The edges of the ring shows a subtile warm color. The stone is a smoky quartz crystal from the Mont-Blanc, France, in a unique hexagonal shape. It is set over a slice of damascus steel. The color of the quartz gives to the damas a color comparable to the shibuichi ring itself, a perfect match ! The ring body was made with a sand casting traditional method. A heavy ring, made to last ! A very unique and ethical piece of fine jewelry.

  • The size is 64 EU size (20.50mm diameter) 11.5 US size.
  • Quatrz diameter is 18mm.
  • Total weight is 42.57g.

Price : 580,00 €

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