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Anton Watzl Minerals, located in the city of Freistadt, Austria, specializes in buying and selling fine mineral specimens from all localities over the world that have yielded top quality minerals for the advanced collector.

If you’re looking to add some alpine mineral(s) to your collection, is a good place to stop by. Here are listed plenty of interesting minerals from Switzerland, including several species that we don’t see on the market every day.

Spahr-mineralien is a website held by Felix Spahr, from Switzerland. There you can find qualitative but affordable alpine minerals but also a large selection of worldwide minerals. Be sure to check the trips pictures reports to get a taste of what’s a crystal hunter’s life like out there.


Jonas is passionate about mountaineering and minerals. On his website you will naturally find a nice selection of alpine minerals coming from Switzerland, France and Austria but also specimens comong from other worldwide localities.

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On their website, Christoph Mauerhofer and Mario Reichen share their passion for alpine crystals. You will find amazing pictures and videos about their field trips. The webiste also includes a qualitative shop section. Enjoy !

Fine minerals coming from the Alps and worldwide, Beautiful pictures and show reports. Gerd, the owner of this website is also the marketing manager of the Greenlaws Mine in the Durham County, England, known for their fluorites.


Welcome on the Florian’s website, dedicated to Alpine minerals and Spanish minerals. You will find a great selection of available specimens with very complete descriptions. Floran takes care about updating the website regularly. Don’t forget to take a look at the mountain trips section for some beautiful pictures.


On his beautiful website, Matthias Benz holds a very qualitative blog with mineral trips reports about alpine minerals or worldwide minerals. These come with a lot of nice pictures and interesting data.

The website of Swiss Mineral World, a museum displaying beautiful collections dedicated to alpine minerals and fossils from Switzerland. You will also find an online shop with alpine and worldwide minerals.

If you’re looking for any technical information about any mineral, is more than likely the place for you to have a look. From very precise technical info to beautiful picture galleries, this website is a real bible for any minerals lover.