• Crystal tales : Death in a crevasse (by Christophe Peray)

    It was a godsend that a huge find of gems lay just two hours away from our way-station we called “the refuge” in the Argentiere. And so, my associate, Laurent, and I became partners and formed a team on the first of July, l993. At first, all seemed to be going well. But my new partner Laurent’s former colleague showed up at this alpine way-station. This “ex” could not accept that the two of them were finished being partners. Everyone knew that they had shared in three years of intense adventures there in the Argentiere basin.

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  • Crystal tales : Cursed Mine (by Christophe Peray)

    Faden smoky quartz and Sébastien Khayati

    Before we follow Sebastien on his wanderings, let me tell you about a particular place hidden in the heart of the Mont Blanc massif. The wall was crossed by thin galleries leading to collapsed cavities. For the most part, crystals were broken but their quantity seemed inexhaustible. I gave a name to this sector: The Mine.

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