ExtraLapis No. 59 - Mont-Blanc

Mont Blanc, the roof of Europe. There have been crystal seekers in the mountains of the Mont Blanc area for centuries. The find areas can be reached from France, Italy and Switzerland. The red and pink fluorites are known all over the world, but the smoky quartz and gwindel are also a specialty of this region. This issue not only reports of the beautiful and rare crystals and minerals of this area, but also on the efforts of the mountaineers and crystal seekers who often expose themselves to a high risk in this extreme area

- 108 pages, including many pictures
- Written in German

Chroniques de Cristalliers

Here is probably one of the best books about the world of the crystal seekers in the French Alps. The author, Sébastien Khayati, is one of these "cristalliers". After nearly 20 years as a cristallier, rich in experience and amazing encounters, the idea came to him to share it. The book focuses on famous names, major discoveries and well-known localities which have shaped the French alpine mineralogy for half a century. A lot of high quality pictures come to illustrate the stories behind famous finds from the Oisans area (La Gardette, Rochers de l'Armentier, Combe de La Selle, Les Deux-Alpes, Plan du Lac) to the Mont-Blanc mountains.

- Hard cover
- 224 pages, including 550 pictures, drawings and site maps.
- Written in French

ExtraLapis No. 59 - Mont-Blanc

The minerals from the Mont-Blanc are the dream of collectors around the world. The massif mainly owes its reputation from smoky quartz “Gwindel”, pink and red fluorine; among the most beautiful crystals in the world for these two species. But the Mont-Blanc has many other minerals to show. The maps, texts and photographs will make you discover an anthology of fine minerals and sometimes unknown. Stories of famous and little-known crystal seekers enrich with their stories this special edition.

- 78 pages, including 180 pictures
- Written in French

Minerali del Piemonte

Minerali del Piemonte e della Valle d'Aosta

The volume presents the most complete review of the mineralogy of the two regions, describing about 560 species, mostly illustrated with the best samples from public and private collections. Numerous thematic in-depth studies (39) trace an exhaustive overview of the history of mineralogical discoveries in the two regions, of the main mineralogical localities and of the mining sites.

- 607 pages, including 1500 photos, maps and diagrams
- Hard cover
- Written in Italian