Month: October 2020


Les Grands Montets, Mont Blanc Massif, Chamonix, France

Here is a rare and complex specimen showing five pink cubo-octahedral fluorites aside purple fluorite remains. These crystal shapes are very uncommon in the Mont-Blanc mountains. This specimen and the one above on this page come from a unique find made by C. Peray near the Aiguille Verte mount, famous for its pink fluorites. Size : 100 mm x 64 mm x 60 mm.

Ref. – FL022 – 350€



La Gardette, Villard-Notre-Dame, Isère, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Here is a fine desirable quartz cluster from the famous La Gardette mine. The brightness and transparency of the quartz from this locality put these specmins among the best in the World. This specimen is damageless and shows a very typical pale yellow tone, coming from iron inclusions. Nowadays, such specimens are nearly impossible to find because the mine was closed long time ago. The base is sawn for a better presentation. Size : 100 mm x 80 mm x 60 mm.

Ref. – QA043 – 950€


Quartz “Gwindel”

Argentière, Mont Blanc Massif, Chamonix, France

This water-clear gwindel comes from a famous find, at pretty low altitude, near the Argentière glacier, made some years ago. You can read about this find in the amazing french minerals magazine “Le Regne Mineral” N° 103. The specimen is well twisted and damageless. Its shape is very typical of the Mont-Blanc gwindels, less elongated than Swiss specimens. Size : 70 mm x 67 mm x 42 mm.

Ref. – QA041 – 450€


Smoky Quartz “Gwindel” or “Sucre”

Leschaux, Mont Blanc Massif, Chamonix, France

Here is an unusal alpine specimen from the French Alps found near the Leschaux glacier, Mon-Blanc). This one is a rare closed gwindel, also called “sucre” by the French crystal hunters, closed gwindels are scarce but this one is pretty unique since it’s naturally etched on some parts. The whole specimen is covered with light chlorite. Size : 70 mm x 63 mm x 45 mm.

Ref. – QA042 – 270€


Quartz var. Amethyst

Les Enclaves, Massif du Beaufortain, Savoie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Still from the French Alps but not from the Mont-Blanc, these two Amethyst scepeters on matrix was found at 2250m (7382 Feet). A rare and interesting example of French alpine mineralogy, harder and harder to find nowadays. You can read about this find in the amazing french minerals magazine “Le Regne Mineral” N° 87. Ex Philippe Michelin collection. Size : 75 mm x 50 mm x 45 mm.

Ref. – QA045 – 150€


Charlie is a French crystal hunter, jewelry and tattoo artist. Living near the Mont-Blanc, he’s a minerals lover and uses some of his finds to make amazing hand-made jewelry or lose cut stones. I really like his sense of perfection. These alpine minerals are not easy to work with and you won’t find many other people doing what he does the way he does so make sure to take a look at the links below ! If you don’t care about jewelry, you will also find beautiful tattoos, rare alpine minerals and of course nice mountain shots.

Anton Watzl Minerals, located in the city of Freistadt, Austria, specializes in buying and selling fine mineral specimens from all localities over the world that have yielded top quality minerals for the advanced collector.

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Fine minerals coming from the Alps and worldwide, Beautiful pictures and show reports. Gerd, the owner of this website is also the marketing manager of the Greenlaws Mine in the Durham County, England, known for their fluorites.

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On this website, Lutz is offering alpine minerals from France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy but also from Slovakia. You will find an impressive selection of quartz and amazing amethysts, especially 2nd generation like scepter spcimens.

If you’re looking for any technical information about any mineral, is more than likely the place for you to have a look. From very precise technical info to beautiful picture galleries, this website is a real bible for any minerals lover.

Axinite & Byssolite

Puiva, Saranpaul, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia

Brown and transparent ferroaxinite on matrix. The crystals are razor-sharp and high lustrous. They are very contrastful accompanied by white byssolite, a variety of the amphibole supergroup. The crystals are also beautiful striated and mostly perfect. Size : 50mm × 26mm × 16mm

Ref. AX021– 285€